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Capturing Your Special Moments In Time

Couple, Family, Wedding & Newborn Photography

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Hi, I'm Kory

My photography sessions are focused on capturing subtle moments of joy that you can reflect on for years to come. I love building relationships with my Clients to ensure authenticity is reflected in each of your final photos.

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The Experience

There is nothing fussy about working with me. I like the messiness of real life and my goal is to catch moments of truth and spontaneity. 

Couples & Family Session

Whether you're looking to do engagement photos or begin a ritual of documenting your family each year, I'm here to help you capture these timeless moments. 

Wedding Session

I am honoured to be able to create a timestamp of your special day. From elopements to elaborate gatherings, I will come alongside you and your families as you celebrate.

Newborn Session

Is there anything better than a newborn? Capturing the precious moments when your little one is only a few weeks old is such a privilege, and one of my favourite shoots to take on.